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Involve the kids in a garage sale

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Planning and running a family garage sale can be more than a moneymaking venture for your kids. Dollars might be the incentive for parting with outgrown toys, books and games, but your kids will also be reaping the benefits of hands-on experience in marketing, merchandising and sales.

Here are some tips to help your kids recycle the garage-sale way:

Set aside time a week or two before the sale to help your kids sort through books, toys, games and clothes. Wash items that are soiled. If a toy has small parts, corral the pieces, put them in a small bag and tape the bag to the toy.

Put price stickers on each item and price to sell.

Although you might advertise the sale in the newspaper, your kids can make their own fliers to distribute to friends and neighbors to publicize the items they are selling. They'll also enjoy making posters to hang in the neighborhood the day of the sale.

Make a big poster with "Extraordinary Kid Stuff" printed in large letters to display in the kids' department of the sale.

On sale day, be sure to provide a table for kids to arrange their wares. You might suggest that items be sorted by category: sports equipment, puzzles, costumes, dolls, action figures, CDs, etc. If time permits, set up a refreshment stand with lemonade and cookies to lure shoppers to your sale.

Find a cash box and be sure someone is always in charge of it throughout the day.

Be prepared to bargain, especially for bikes, scooters and skates.

At the end of the sale, gather leftover items in good condition, remove the price stickers and donate to a nonprofit organization.

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