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Spelunker trapped under rocks in cave

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. — Rescuers worked Thursday to free a 24-year-old man who became trapped underneath rocks when a cave he was exploring collapsed.

Sharn Cleland, 24, was with a group of spelunkers when he crawled headfirst into the cave near Harrisburg, Pa., at about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Cleland remained awake through the night as rescue crews worked around him, Lancaster County Firefighters Association spokesman Jim Wolfe said.

"He is still conscious and alert. He's calm," Wolfe said. "He understands what's going on and he's being a good patient."

The unemployed construction worker had traveled about 10 feet when the cave collapsed. He became pinned under rocks from his waist down.

Crews worked to stabilize the hillside with planks and boards, although the effort caused more rocks to fall near Cleland.

"The threat of him being crushed is a real problem," said Bill Hall, fire chief of Mount Joy, Pa. "The rocks are being removed one by one."

Cleland complained of pain in his legs and back. Rescuers were able to give him an oxygen mask, intravenous fluids and a wool hat to fend off hypothermia. The temperature in the cave was 58 degrees.

Elsewhere, rescuers pulled a couple from a small boat dangling over a spillway on the surging Mississippi River near Minneapolis on Wednesday.

Firefighters used a boat to rescue Tom Barbeau, 54, and his wife, Margaret Brownrigg, 42. The boat's motor had died, and a strong current swept it to the edge of a spillway.

In Atlantic City, N.J., seven people were rescued from a fireworks barge after a blaze launched exploding shells into the air. People on the shore mistook the accident as part of the annual show.

And lightning was blamed for injuring 14 people — three playing horseshoes at a holiday picnic in Odenton, Md., seven on Beer Can Island, Fla., and four in Jacksonville, Fla.