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Don’t litter our campsites

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There's no better way to escape the summer heat than to head into the mountains. I know many would agree with me, because I see them on the roads and in the campgrounds. I also see their garbage on the sides of the roads and around campsites.

I would like to applaud people for getting out and enjoying fresh air and relaxation. At the same time, I would like to reprimand those who still enjoy littering. I have been all over the state of Utah in almost every type of campsite on almost every road, and I have seen this problem everywhere.

I don't understand why some people think it is OK to toss garbage out the car window or into the bushes around the campsite or why "fire pit" is synonymous with "trash can."

I don't understand why some people can't dig a hole and bury their excrement. Do some people enjoy looking at trash? If so, I can name some landfills around the state that they'd enjoy. Besides being unsightly, littering is rude, irresponsible and dangerous.

I don't appreciate having to clean the campsite before settling in or stumbling onto "Latrine Patch" or "Outhouse Hill" when going for a nature walk. Furthermore, garbage attracts bears and is unsanitary.

Luckily, this behavior is only a mindset and easy to correct. Carry a shovel or use campground facilities. If you pack it in, then utilize the garbage cans in the campgrounds or at the gas station on your way home.

Please try showing some consideration for your fellow nature enthusiasts. If we think ourselves responsible enough to be public land stewards who deserve the right to enjoy the outdoors, then we must act responsibly and keep it clean. The motto "Leave No Trace" shouldn't apply only to wilderness.

Alison Bond