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Arrest warrant issued for man in rape case

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A $10,000 warrant for arrest has been issued for a 21-year-old man who was charged with rape Thursday.

On March 11, 2000, the man attended a party at the house of two friends whose parents were not home, charges filed in 3rd District Court state.

The man told authorities he was drinking gin and tonic and was "feeling good," charges state. He met a girl, who was 17 years old at the time, led her to a downstairs bedroom and they had sex, which he said was consensual, charges state.

But according to a forensic nurse examiner, the girl went to a hospital the following day and said she was raped, charges state. Results of the exam found physical signs consistent with rape, charges state.

The girl told authorities she was at the party with two other friends, charges state. She had barely met the man when he asked her if she would accompany him downstairs to get music, charges state.

The girl told the man she wanted to stay upstairs with her friend. The man allegedly said they would "only be a minute," and the girl went with him. They went into a bedroom and the man asked the girl twice if she wanted to have sex. Both times the girl said no, charges state. He then raped her, the charges state.

The man was charged with rape, a first-degree felony, and forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.