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‘A Church of miracles’

Great feelings attend missionary work

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PROVO, Utah — "I have no doubt that every day, somewhere in the world, there is a remarkable miracle of conversion taking place, perhaps many of them," said President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Addressing the 108 newly called mission presidents and their wives as the concluding speaker of the three-day New Mission Presidents Seminar, President Hinckley affirmed the Spirit that attends missionary work.

"This is a labor of wonderful miracles," he said. "This is a Church of miracles. I know it. I have seen so many of them. You will have problems both difficult and perplexing. But overriding all of these will be the sweet and wonderful things, the great feelings you will experience as you witness a conversion here and another there."

To illustrate the joy of a new member and the struggle of gaining a testimony, President Hinckley read a letter from a convert in England. "To me it represents the wonder, the absolute wonder of this service," he said.

Quoting from the letter, President Hinckley read how this sister was happy and contented with her life until one evening when she received news that her husband had died from an auto accident.

She was devastated and during the next months found it difficult to care for her young children. Missionaries knocked on her door one day and, mistaking them for government officials, she invited them in.

At first she didn't accept their testimony of life after death and wanted them to be as miserable as she was. But she listened to their message and attended Church and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. She read extensively one evening and felt to offer her first prayer.

"This book is true," she said out loud after feeling the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost. She was eventually baptized and confirmed a member. A year later, she and her children were sealed to her husband and their father in the London temple. Since then, her two sons have served missions.

"I could tell you other [stories], many of them," President Hinckley said. "You will become acquainted with such stories during the years that you preside. They will be inspirational. They will be wonderful and you will never forget them."

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