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Save our great school

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Recently the Salt Lake City Board of Education voted to close two of its eastside schools, one of which, unfortunately, was our neighborhood school, Rosslyn Heights. There has been a lot of controversy over the questionable manner in which this decision was made, but I wish to address one of the issues that played a factor in how some board members voted — school choice.

When we moved into our first home in this area 20 years ago, we did not intend to stay long because we knew our family would grow out of our small home. But as our children started to enter the public school system, we realized what a wonderful school area we lived in. So when the time came to move, we chose to move a couple of blocks up from our first home. This was a choice because of our excellent neighborhood schools. Over the years as our family grew, we chose to add on to our home rather than move to another area.

By voting to close Rosslyn Heights, the board has taken away my choice of where I want my children to attend school. As a resident of the Salt Lake City School District, I ask the board to reconsider its shortsighted decision to close this outstanding school and give us back our choice of a public school.

Connie A. Sorensen

Salt Lake City