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Public services are vital

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After reading the recent "My View" by Paul T. Mero, president of the Sutherland Institute, I am impressed that the right-wing thinkers of this state have once again outdone themselves. Mr. Mero sees public education as an entitlement that "was never intended to mean universal participation for all children." Mr. Mero would like us all to get off the public dole and home-school our children.

I am willing to play along with this line of thinking. Why don't we all get off the public dole and also provide for our own public safety? All we need is a concealed weapons permit and a garden hose to protect our families from criminals and our homes from fire. We could all dispose of our trash by dumping it on that vacant lot or up the canyon near our neighborhoods, thereby fulfilling the wishes of our founding fathers (as supposed by the right-wingers). We could all reduce public "welfarism" by shutting down our public libraries and plowing up our neighborhood parks, selling the land to the highest bidder.

Doesn't this all seem like a great utopian vision? I can hardly wait to live in such a society. Maybe if we're lucky, Mr. Mero would be our king.

Mace Huggins