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Bosnian has high hopes for new autobiography

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Bosnia's former president and Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic hopes his new book, an autobiography titled "Memories," will help heal his war-shattered homeland.

"My only wish is that my book serves for reconciliation according to justice," Izetbegovic said at a ceremony Friday in Sarajevo.

"But we can't forget," he added, referring to the tens of thousands of Muslims killed during the Bosnian war.

The 76-year-old Izetbegovic became chairman of Bosnia's first multiethnic presidency in 1990, when the country was still a Yugoslav republic. After Bosnia declared independence in 1992, rebel Serbs — backed by Slobodan Milosevic's Yugoslav army — rose up and fought the country's Muslims and Croats until the 1995 Dayton peace accord ended the war.

Izetbegovic resigned last year due to poor health caused by years of imprisonment under the communist regime because of his Islamic political views.