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Prince Charles uncertain that he will ever remarry

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Prince Charles made a rare public comment on his relationship with longtime friend Camilla Parker Bowles — by telling a British newspaper he is uncertain he will ever remarry.

In an interview published Saturday in the Daily Mail, Charles was asked whether he expected to marry again.

"Who knows what the good Lord has planned? You can't be certain about anything," he responded.

Charles, 52, has not spoken publicly of his relationship with Parker Bowles since he admitted in a television interview in 1994 that he had been unfaithful to his wife, Princess Diana. They divorced in 1996, and Diana died the following year.

Previous questions about wedding plans have elicited terse statements from Charles' office saying the heir to the throne had no intention of marrying.

The relationship between the prince and Parker Bowles has become increasingly open, however. Last month, he greeted Parker Bowles at a charity reception with a kiss on each cheek.