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Deseret News marathon is relaxing to some

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There are a lot of reasons why runners are entering the 32nd annual Deseret News/Granite Furniture marathon to be run on July 24th, but perhaps no "different" a reason than that of Kyra Wilson.

You won't see the 32-year-old California native's name amongst the top female finishers. You probably won't see her high-fiving fellow marathoners at the finish line in Liberty Park, or getting pats on the back from well-wishers along the race route down Emigration Canyon. But that's OK with her—those aren't things she's seeking from the Pioneer Day event.

All Kyra wants is time to think. And she thinks best when running 26 miles, 385 yards in locales she's never visited before.

Wilson will join with hundreds of other marathoners taking part in this year's DesNews race, not to mention thousands of 10K racers and 5K walkers who will kick off the Days of '47 celebration with a jog towards the park. It will be her first visit to Salt Lake City to run, though she's been to the Beehive State before.

Speaking via telephone from her home near Santa Cruz, Wilson wonders why she hasn't run here before.

"Utah is a beautiful, peaceful, thought-provoking place. I've always felt that way when I've been there," she said. "I almost entered the marathon in 1998, but something came up and I begged off. So this year, I'm determined to make it back there to run."

She thinks because she writes, and she writes what she thinks about into short stories and poems that she's sold for years under a different name, which she won't reveal. If her story is to be believed, her writings have been published widely in both the United States and parts of Asia, where they've been translated into at least five different languages.

"I try to write about feelings and emotions that know no language barrier," she explained. And that's exactly why she chose running as her "thinking venue" nearly 15 years ago as a high school senior.

"I discovered one day in a P.E. class that while we were all out there laboring to run around a track four times, my mind was really free. So I started running for fun on the beach and recording my thoughts. It's been very therapeutic."

One reason running works as a form of relaxation for her is that "I never take it too seriously. I mean, I'm competitive to the point of not getting in anyone's way, and I never finish at the end of a race. I'm in the middle somewhere, which is just fine."

Registration for both races and the 5K Fitness Walk continues through July 17th at all four Granite Furniture locations, and through July 13th at the Deseret News, 30 East 100 South, Salt Lake City, or at the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation offices in the Redwood Recreation Center in West Valley City. You can also register on line at slcoevents.com, or at the Deseret News Web site http://deseretnews.com/run/.