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IOC presidential candidates

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Anita De Frantz

Age: 48

Nationality: United States

Occupation: Head of the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles; lawyer

Sports background: Olympic bronze medal, rowing, 1976; organizing committee vice president for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles

Link to Salt Lake scandal: Accused by Salt Lake bid vice president Dave Johnson of knowing what was done to woo IOC votes; never sanctioned

On the Salt Lake Games: "I would do my best to make sure the (IOC) staff stays in place. . . . That is essential. They know how to prepare for an Olympic Winter Games."

Un Yong Kim

Age: 70

Nationality: South Korea

Occupation: Member of national parliament; active in Korean unification effort

Sports background: Organizing committee vice president for the 1998 Summer Games in Seoul; president of World Taekwondo Federation; president of the General Association of Sports Federations

Link to Salt Lake scandal: Received a "most serious warning" from the IOC. Bid committee paid salary of son John; both John Kim and the Salt Lake businessman who hired him, David Simmons, have been charged by federal authorities in connection with the scandal. Also, the bid committee arranged for daughter Hae Jung to play with the Utah Symphony and a college scholarship for the daughter of Hae Jung's Russian record producer.

On the Salt Lake Games: "We'll make the Salt Lake City Games the number one Games in Olympic history. . . . I'm a friend of Salt Lake City and Uncle Sam."

Dick Pound

Age: 59

Nationality: Canada

Occupation: Tax attorney

Sports background: Olympic swimmer, 1960

Link to Salt Lake scandal: Headed the IOC's internal investigation, which led to 10 members being sanctioned and the resignation or removal of another 10.

On the Salt Lake Games: "I would provide every bit of support that Salt Lake needs to be tremendously successful Games. I would certainly come out and do an official visit very early on, probably in the late summer or early fall to see if there's anything that would be needed or helpful."

Jacques Rogge

Age: 59

Nationality: Belgium

Occupation: Orthopedic surgeon

Sports background: Olympic yachting, 1968, 1972, 1976; president of the European Olympic Committees

Link to Salt Lake scandal: Participated in the IOC's investigation.

On the Salt Lake Games: "That would absolutely be my very first priority, to call all hands on deck and support Mitt Romney as much as possible. . . . I'm very confident. I think SLOC is doing an excellent job and we can look forward to superb Games."

Pal Schmitt

Age: 59

Nationality: Hungary

Occupation: Hungary's ambassador to Switzerland

Sports background: Olympic gold medal, fencing, 1968 and 1972; president of Hungarian Olympic Committee; president of World Olympians Association

Link to Salt Lake scandal: Participated in the IOC's investigation.

On the Salt Lake Games: "I would be delighted to declare open the Games. That would be the strongest possible message, if an Olympic champion declares open (a Games) once in the 105-year-long history of the Olympics."