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Officer resigns over anti-U.N. edict

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LAVERKIN, Washington County — An officer has resigned from the LaVerkin Police Department over the city's anti-U.N. ordinance.

LaVerkin Police Chief Pam Humphreys said Perry Lambert turned in his equipment Friday morning.

"He resigned last night. This is a direct result of the ordinance. He has a military affiliation and felt under the new ordinance he couldn't serve the city," Humphreys said Friday.

Council members voted 3-2 Wednesday to approve an ordinance declaring the city a United Nations-Free Zone. The ordinance largely makes it illegal for anyone affiliated with the United Nations to enter the city, use city property or sponsor a local program. It restricts the city from investing in any operation with ties to the United Nations and prohibits city employees from cooperating with U.N.-related activities.

It also seeks to protect residents from being forced to serve the United Nations in any capacity.

City Manager Doug Wilson e-mailed the ordinance to Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff who has expressed concerns over how the law will be enforced and whether it tramples an individual's constitutional rights, Humphreys said.

"We'll wait to hear from (Shurtleff) before we make any decisions about how we're going to enforce the ordinance," she said. "We'll have somebody try to test it, I'm sure."

The LaVerkin Police Department now has four officers, including Humphreys, and one reserve officer. All are employed part time. Lambert and Humphreys both work full time for the Washington County Sheriff's Office.