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AAA offers some tips on traveling with pets

SHARE AAA offers some tips on traveling with pets

Do dogs get carsick? What's the first thing you should do when checking into a motel room with a pet? With endless questions and myths on vacation traveling with pets, AAA Utah is offering some basic do's and don'ts of proper pet travel.

"Traveling with your pet is a lot of fun, but it requires careful planning," Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokeswoman said. "We want the vacation to be enjoyable for our furry friends."

First, she said you should determine how travel-worthy a pet is. Pets that are very young, very old, pregnant, sick, prone to biting or barking and that can't follow basic commands may not be good for a long trip.

Here are some AAA basic tips:

Dogs can get carsick. Like people, some are queasier than others — especially puppies. Wait at least two hours after a pet has eaten before starting a trip.

Once in a hotel room, check for potential hazards — chemically treated toilet water, hiding spaces and electric cords — before freeing your pet.

Never leave your pet locked inside a parked vehicle, because of possible temperature extremes.

Don't let your pet ride in the back of a pickup truck. It could jump out or be thrown in a crash.

Try to stop every two hours or 100 hours for a break so your dog can drink and stretch Cat owners should bring a litter box along.

Bring along your pet's favorite toy or blanket.

AAA's "Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook" provides information on more than 10,000 pet-friendly lodgings in the United States. The book can be purchased by calling 1-877-AAA-Book.