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LDS Church releases PAF 5.0

SHARE LDS Church releases PAF 5.0

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released version 5.0 of its popular personal genealogy management software. Key new features include a Palm OS application, the ability to view user screens in six languages and enter data in most known languages, including Asiatic and Cyrillic characters. Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is now available on CD ROM or as a free download from the Internet.

The program helps users organize their family history records. PAF 5.0 allows users to view screens and print reports in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish and German.

"As far as we are aware, this is the first genealogy software that allows users to enter information in any language while viewing the screens and reports in any of the six languages mentioned," Steve Cannon, product manager, said.

For the first time, PAF users will also be able to download their data to a Palm OS handheld computer. PAF for the Palm OS allows users to view, but not edit, their PAF data by families, pedigrees, descendancies or individuals.

The software is free if downloaded via the Internet at www.familysearch.org, or for $6 on CD ROM through the church's distribution centers worldwide (1-800-537-5971, item 770034).