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Humidity will make 90s feel like 100+

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The big cannon sounds pounding around downtown Salt Lake City and throughout the Wasatch Front Saturday night were small cause for alarm, weather forecasters said.

"Just your normal thunder and lightning, generated by a little early monsoonal pattern," meteorologist Dan Brown said. "Usually we get this pattern around the first of August, and it's hard to tell whether it'll stay."

Low level moisture from the South has settled along with a high-pressure system into the Great Basin, including Utah. It covers California and most of the Northwest, Brown said.

"It's brought spotty traces of rain along the Wasatch so far," Brown said. "A pretty good thunderstorm went just west of us and left some good rains, but no buckets."

Brown said the pattern of cloudiness with the potential for rain may hold much of the coming week for most of Utah, generally driving down temperatures from the recent heat wave.

"Next week may be 85s to 95s, but we're probably through with over-100s for a while," Brown said.

But a word to the wise along the heat-precautions front. The weather system will bring more humidity than Utahns are used to.

"It's going to feel a lot hotter around here than the temperatures say it is," Brown said.