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Baldwin role is insulting

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There has been much debate over the movie "Pearl Harbor." The special effects are good, but the movie is way too long. The most egregious thing about the movie is that the ultimate Clinton sycophant Alec Baldwin plays one of the great heroes of the war, Jimmy Doolittle.

Doolittle's Raid was one of the most courageous missions ever undertaken by our military. Alec Baldwin, who swore he'd leave the country if Bush was elected, doesn't have the guts to shine Mr. Doolittle's boots. He's a coward and in the Clinton mold a liar as well.

If I'd known this Clinton boot licker was portraying such a great American, I would have never wasted my money on "Pearl Harbor." It's an insult to all the great Americans who sacrificed their lives in World War II that an overrated, underskilled actor like Baldwin portrays such a great American as Jimmy Doolittle.

Steven K. Lang