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Quit bashing Utah drivers

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I am writing this in response to "Wanted: better drivers," N. William Clayton, Deseret News Readers' Forum, and every other letter to the editor about Utah drivers. I grew up in Salt Lake and can remember the time when you could drive from South Temple to Murray on Seventh East without stopping. Those times are long gone.

It has become painfully apparent to me that when someone blows past me on the freeway, or just has to get in front of me, or is so close behind me I can count the hairs on their head in my rear-view mirror, more times than not the license plate may say Utah, but the dealer logo or plate covers are from out of state. What does this tell me? Just maybe the big difference on local roads isn't a local problem, but one that came here from somewhere else.

I also have the opportunity to travel throughout the entire country and have driven in almost every major metropolitan area, coast to coast. I don't know which Los Angeles area Mr. Clayton has driven in that is such a utopia that he goes back there to relax while driving on the freeway. It can't possibly be the Los Angeles area where it takes three hours to go 30 miles or 15 minutes to go 30 miles, depending on the time of day.

Maybe he was thinking of the Boston area, where you feel like you have a target painted on your car. It could also be the Chicago area, where they give you a little nudge from behind, just to get your attention. Maybe it was Detroit, where they just walk away from their cars when they break down and leave them on the side of the road. Or just maybe many of these people have moved to Salt Lake for a better life and brought their bad habits with them.

I know local drivers aren't without fault, but I am getting very tired of all the blame.

N.J. Rollins