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Huntsman Institute tops

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Recently, my cousin, wanting the best treatment for his cancer, traveled to Rochester, Minn., where he was chided by a prominent oncologist at the Mayo Clinic for the unnecessary travel and expense.

He said, "Out in your home state of Utah you have the Huntsman Cancer Institute, which clearly offers the best cancer treatment in the entire world."

Such has been my experience over the past year. I have had very good treatment for my cancer here in Utah Valley, but the uniqueness of the Huntsman Institute is that I am being treated by six teams of physicians with each team specializing in a different aspect of cancer treatment.

Each of these teams consists of several specialists who regularly conduct research, sponsor and attend national and international conferences dedicated to the latest research in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer.

Each team has a supporting cast handpicked and specially trained in cancer diagnosis and treatment. I have a separate team of urologists, oncologists, radiologists, pharmacists, infusion specialists and finally a team that specializes in pain control and palliative care.

Team members routinely consult with one another and with the other teams to ensure that each has the most up-to-date and effective treatment available anywhere in the world. Every team member I have met seems to have great love and consideration for all other staff members. In addition they all obviously love their work and the roles they play in this vital work. As a result, we patients are treated like royalty. I have had Huntsman personnel call me at home to inquire of my condition and progress.

One would think that the cost of such treatment would be prohibitive, but thanks to Jon Huntsman and his family, the cost is probably less than treatment anyplace else. If you or anyone you know has cancer — or thinks they have cancer — get them to the Huntsman Cancer Institute pronto.

Glen E. Thomas

Cedar Hills