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Episcopal parish won’t fund church in Rwanda

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NEW YORK (AP) — Trinity Church, a wealthy Wall Street parish of America's Episcopal Church, has rejected a proposal to give $146,000 in grant money to the Episcopal Church of Rwanda because of its support for the conservative Anglican Mission in America.

Trinity's Judith Gillespie wrote the Rwandan church that continued aid for clergy training was impossible because Rwandan bishops are "actively working to promote schism within the Episcopal Church."

The Anglican Mission, based in Pawleys Island, S.C., is sponsored by the Anglican branches in Rwanda and Southeast Asia. It ministers to U.S. congregations that want to remain within Anglicanism but reject the Episcopal Church because it lets local dioceses ordain openly gay clergy and conduct same-sex blessing ceremonies.

In June, Rwanda's archbishop helped consecrate four new U.S. bishops for the mission.

Trinity gave the Rwandan church a three-year grant of $132,000 in 1998, and it was applying for a $146,000 renewal.

The Trinity congregation dates back to 1697, and Alexander Hamilton is buried in the churchyard.