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New stake presidencies

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Stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, and in Oregon and Utah.


BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 14TH STAKE: (Aug. 19, 2001) President — Gerald N. Lund, 61, zone administrator for Church Educational System; succeeding Robert L. Millet; wife, Retta Lynn Stanard Lund. Counselors — Douglas C. Brenchley, 58, institute instructor for Church Educational System; wife, Nanette Theurer Brenchley. Von G. Keetch, 41, attorney for Kirton & McConkie; wife, Bernice Pymm Keetch.

NYSSA OREGON STAKE: (Aug. 12, 2001) President — Dell E. Jemmett, 46, president of J & S Farms Inc.; succeeding Robert D. Butler; wife, Donna Jean Winegar Jemmett. Counselors — Robert F. Peterson, 49, president of Peterson Farms Inc.; wife, Alison Barlow Peterson. Richard O. Beck, 48, self-employed real estate broker for Mel Beck Real Estate; wife, Lucy Garner Beck.

SALT LAKE GRANITE PARK STAKE: (Aug. 19, 2001) President — David R. Moore, 49, information systems project manager for Church; succeeding LeRoy R. Turner; wife, Kathleen Post Moore. Counselors — L. Kay Samuelsen, 69, retired from U.S. Postal Service; wife, Laraine Clayson Samuelsen. L.Earl Sperry, 72, retired from Salt Lake City Suburban Sanitary District; wife, Judith Anne Peterson Sperry.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL SAO MIGUEL PAULISTA STAKE: (June, 17, 2001) President — Pedro Ferreira Lima, 37, self-employed analyst for Scopus Technicians; succeeding Jose Caetano de Morais; wife, Claudia Xavier de Campos Lima. Counselors — Sergio Ricardo Jacinto, 34, salesman; wife, Neide Trindade Santos Jacinto. Arnaldo da Silva Leal, 40, assistant engineer for Miniradone Pedrix; wife, Maringua dos Santos Silva Leal.