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Little respect for Suazo

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I found the sentiments at our recent Republican State Convention rather interesting. I was on the rebound from my attendance the previous day at a very touching and enriching memorial service for my fine state senator, Pete Suazo, whose passing was difficult for me.

When I expressed my sadness at his loss to fellow Republicans, I surprisingly found the response to my grief to be cold and aloof. I figured out why. I think it was more than the fact that Sen. Suazo was a Democrat (a cardinal sin at the convention). He was a man of character respected by his colleagues in all ethnic and social circles, which seemed an affront to many people there.

When we have those in the ilk of Doug Short, Brent Overson and Merrill Cook in attendance, it is no small wonder that a highly thought of person such as Sen. Suazo would be met with chagrin and disdain. Rodney, you are not the only one who gets no "respect."

It is unfortunate that one has to pass away to really bring out the true feelings of many self-serving people.

George H. Zinn

Salt Lake City