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Utahns in N.Y. describe chaos, horror

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Mitch Stone, a Utahn visiting New York City, was driving on the West End Highway about 20 blocks from the World Trade Center Tuesday when terrorists attacked.

He saw a "big hole with smoke coming out of it" from the tower on the north. "Then the south side was just burning, where the second plane apparently hit. You could see the flames coming from that. At that point the cops got everything off the freeway."

His car had to turn around and return through the city. "They just shut down all the freeways through it," he said. "You can't get through that.

"The subway system's closed down, everything closed down."

In Washington, D.C., Brigham Young University graduate Jenny Oman described the scene outside on the streets as chaotic.

"People are running everywhere in the streets. They are filling the roads and panicking. Everyone is talking on their cell phones trying to get through to someone, anyone."

She was in a building 10 minutes away from the Pentagon which was evacuated moments after this quote was taken.

Terry Bisson, a writer living in Brooklyn, described the scene from on top of a hill, looking out toward Manhattan.

"There is a lot of smoke. I can see from a distance. We're all kind of numb."

Kelly Lear moved to Washington, D.C., from Salt Lake City four weeks ago. She lives in an apartment two miles from the Pentagon.

"I heard a plane, and it was very very loud, and my building shook. About 10 minutes later, there was another incident that I felt as well. I haven't left my apartment. The metro is shut down.

"Everyone is listening to the news. I'm a little bit anxious because I can hear and feel things going on. I can't even imagine the fear and anxiety of the people of the World Trade Center. That's a horrible thing to think about."