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Don’t act like animals

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Unlike the Boy Scouts, whose reputation for producing solid citizens has been earned over the past 80 years, homosexuals think they can get respect simply by demanding it. Rather than earning respect, the gay community would rather pressure government to make other opinions illegal.

I've got bad news for the gay community. Your actions don't merit respect.

For that matter, no one who places their sexual urges at the center of their life can seriously expect much respect. There is no choice more anti-family than that of placing one's own physical urges ahead of children, spouse, extended family and God. Irrational selfishness is not worthy of respect. The fact is that no one's sexual orientation is "a lifetime commitment to a single partner and the children that result." Polygamy, promiscuity, violent sex, pedophilia, homosexuality, divorce and many other "preferences" are far more common. As far as I can tell, a large majority of men are wired to be sexually attracted to a large percentage of the females they see. It's no excuse.

Civilized people choose family and children over their own urges. We aren't animals; don't ask for respect when you want to act like one.

John R. Pack