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Stop blaming the laws

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After reading Lee Benson's recent column in the Deseret News, I felt that he had missed the point of the incident of the young man vs. Utah Valley.

1. The young man read a sign stating that if he sat on the planter, he would not be allowed to get a free meal for three days.

2. The young man assumed that public property meant that he could do anything he wanted to do.

3. He chose to sit down.

The sign meant that anyone sitting on the planter would be subject to consequences. He chose to sit on the planter, thus invoking the consequences. Doing this, it then became "everyone's" fault but his. He made his choice, which was his right; the consequences came, which was the right of the public.

We see rules being broken every day; the rules are meant for everyone but the person who breaks them. How many people know the speed limit on the freeway but choose to go much faster? Whom do drivers blame when they are stopped and fined? Many people are killed on Utah highways by speeding drivers who ignore speed limit signs.

We often see people parking in the fire lanes by strip malls. They would be enraged if they were told to move. Healthy people park in the "handicapped" parking slots. It is too far for them to walk an extra 20 feet, but they would be angry if they were told to move the car.

We are becoming a society of excuses, not accountability. Good for Utah County in detaining the man. They were upholding a policy and law. Are they being thanked for doing their job? I don't think so.

Janice M. Fosterz

Salt Lake County