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Security firms expecting surge

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Managers at Utah security companies expect their phones to start ringing off the hook once local business owners and homeowners recover from the shock of Tuesday's attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

"It's a tough world that we live in now," said Chris Gyllenskog, general manager of Eyewitness Security Systems in South Salt Lake. "We've been doing this for 20 years now, and business always gets better. It's kind of sad."

Gyllenskog said no one was calling the business Tuesday, but that usually changes a few days after a terrorist incident.

"We've actually had incidents here in Salt Lake where people have been considering security and something has happened and . . . after the horse is out of the barn, they decide to lock the door," Gyllenskog said. "I would think (businesses) would decide to restrict access to buildings . . . and maybe beef up security."

Several companies said local businesses already were increasing security in advance of the 2002 Winter Games, and even more may decide to take precautions now.

"You'll probably see some people who have thought about it in the past and have not done anything about it start saying, 'Maybe we ought to do something,' " said Denny Floor, sales manager for InVision Systems in Murray.

Obviously, no business security system could protect against the kinds of attacks that occurred Tuesday. But business owners said such an incident has a psychological effect on business owners.

"Most large buildings already have security measures in place. Some of them are adding a bit," said Roy Stephenson, security salesman for Utah Controls Inc. in Sandy. "After things like this . . . we generally do have an increase in business."

Robert Maxfield of Tri-City Alarm Co. in South Salt Lake said terrorist attacks "raise the general public's awareness as to what's going on out there," so he also expects an uptick in business.

"It usually takes a day or two to sink in," Maxfield said. "Then it's, 'Oh, my gosh. What am I going to do?' "

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