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Show support: Fly flag

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The shock at what I have witnessed over the past 24 hours is starting to wear off. The disbelief I have felt is being replaced by uncertainty. I witnessed unfathomable acts of terror and could not even imagine the depth of pain, as we, as a nation now mourn.

And like many Americans I am starting to be overwhelmed by helplessness and fear. I need to do something. But what can one person do?

I live far across the country from the tragic events that have occurred. I want to make a difference; I want to stop feeling helpless. I can give blood, I can give money. But beyond that, it doesn't feel like enough.

I was born in Canada, but in every sense I am American. I live in this country, abide by the laws, and take our freedoms for granted. And that has to stop, now.

Freedom has a price. We as a nation must show the world that we are still one. We must show them that sticks and stones may break our bones, but our spirits shall never be broken.

Please help me to make a difference. I am urging everyone to show strength and solidarity. Use the symbol of our country to show the world we are united. Raise the American flag wherever you are. Display it on a pole in your yard, hang it on your house; if you live in an apartment, put it in your window, drape it from your balcony; situate it on your office desk.

Show the world our true colors, and let them know we are bruised, but not broken.

I am urging every citizen of America to please raise a flag. Please show the families of the victims that they did not die for nothing; show them we are mourning with them as a nation.

The freedom we enjoy as a nation is being threatened. Leave your flag up until all the fallen have been returned to their families. We need to stand up and be counted.

Terri DeAnzo