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Everything has changed

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When we talked with our 10-year-old daughter after she came home from school on Tuesday, she had a very good understanding of "The Day Our Nation Changed."

As night fell, she and I went outside to look at the stars, as we had done many a night in years now past regardless of the weather. I asked her the same first question that I have asked her every evening from nights now in the past, "What do you see tonight, Brittney?" She looked around for the one thing that she always sees first, taking a little more time than usual, and then surprisingly answered the question just a little differently this night, "Daddy, I don't see any airplanes."

"You are right, " I responded. "Tonight is the first night there are no airplanes in the sky for you to see."

She continued to explain the events of the day to me, and I realized that she, too, understood why this is also "The Night Our Nation Changed."

Edward G. Belliston

American Fork