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Tragedy is test of mettle

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The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, is one that no American is likely to forget. The tragic and devastating attacks on innocent human life and symbols of America might have left each of us in a combined state of shock and anger.

The recovery and rebuilding of the physical structures is minuscule compared to the recovery and rebuilding that will and must take place in the hearts, minds and souls of individuals, families and especially this great nation.

However, in this time of tragedy and destruction, we as members of the human race and citizens of the United States have been thrust into a situation in which we have a rare opportunity and duty to prove our collective mettle.

Throughout the storied history of this nation, Americans have faced and conquered challenges from every front. We have conquered tyrants through revolution. We have mended the wounds of civil war. We have rebuilt following the Great Depression. We have fought and emerged victorious in two world wars, and we avenged an equally cowardly and bloody surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Each challenge was met by ordinary Americans willing to do extraordinary things; and each challenge was conquered through absolute unity and untiring resolve.

This dastardly attack poses yet another challenge to this nation and to this people. It is time for America to unite again and fight back with all its might. We have enjoyed an era of unprecedented prosperity and wealth — an era enabled by the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before.

It is now time for this generation of Americans, "our generation," to unite and do extraordinary things. We must once again awaken the "sleeping giant."

Now is a time for unity. The pettiness of politics must be set aside as we strengthen our resolve to rebuild and avenge the deaths of our countrymen. This is not a time to point fingers of blame and criticize our leaders — it is a time to act.

This tragedy has brought us sorrow, but in its wake we will grow stronger. Let us come together and do whatever we can to help in whatever way we are needed by our country. And let us pray, not only for the victims, but for all of us who must carry on and conquer this challenge.

May God be with us and bless this great nation.

Spencer Scott

Salt Lake City