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Dagger was sole weapon Suvari needed in movie

SHARE Dagger was sole weapon Suvari needed in movie

Although the new film "The Musketeer" is full of high-flying action sequences like those in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," Mena Suvari didn't need to learn the stunts and fencing techniques required of many of her castmates.

The only weapon Suvari uses in this retelling of Alexandre Dumas' classic "The Three Musketeers" is the knife she keeps hidden under her dress.

"I have a dagger in my garter so I figured I had to learn how to wield it!" the 22-year-old said in New York.

Suvari plays the fair maiden Francesca, who is swept off her feet by the heroic D'Artagnan, played by Justin Chambers.

Although her character didn't participate in any of the acrobatic horseback riding scenes, Suvari says she can hold her own on a horse. She rode often as a child "and I'm sure I can get back into it."