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Web extra: America under attack — additional stories

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Sept. 15, 2001

Man is arrested in connection with N.Y. terrorism

Bush tours N.Y. devastation

India sees U.S. adopting its mantra on terrorism

Experts to begin study to make buildings resilient

Twin towers must be rebuilt, architect says

America mourns with flags, prayer on national day of remembrance for terror victims

Prayers and patriotism

Pres. Hinckley airs hope on King show

Sept. 14, 2001

Rain and muck dampen Trade Center rescue efforts as Bush visits to boost morale

President activates 50,000

Senate OKs $40 billion in aid, use of force

House approves tax relief for terror victims’ families

In the ruins, a jittery day of fits and starts

Cell phones make possible cherished final words

View of devastation just as awful from space as from Ground Zero

Americans pause to pray and reflect

Utah collegians share grief and patriotism

Recorders from jet found at Pentagon

Workers find ‘black boxes’ from two hijacked planes; collaborators may still be at large

Dampened by rainstorms, rescuers keep searching

Acts of hate and fraud mar Utah efforts at healing

Many donors are being bilked by Internet sites seeking disaster aid

Queuing up at airport

Utah reservists still inactivated at least for now

Utah rescue team N.Y.-bound Tuesday

The names of the 19 involved in hijackings

Investigators want to find collaborators, avert more attacks

Markets aim to reopen Monday

Worldwide day of mourning

Poignant pleas pasted all over N.Y.

New Yorkers write messages of grief, anger at attack memorial dedicated to victims

Scope of World Trade Center disaster unfathomable; numbers tell the story

Need for Games is growing

Communication is called key to disaster aid

Students share feelings in classes, neighborhoods

Counseling line busy in S.L County

Lee Benson: Terrorists see acts as holy

Provo firm left WTC just in time

All sports are sidelined

The game and life needed to go on

First CART race in Europe is on

Olympic athletes to take extra caution

BYU players support cancellations

NFL decision gets strong support

Coach recalls playing after JFK death

Big Sky extends its moratorium

USU-Fresno game is postponed

Utah sports cancellations and postponements

Here’s to superheroes especially the real ones

Sept. 13, 2001

LDS Church announces Friday memorial service

BYU football game called off

Miracle of five rescued firemen a mistake CNN

Tracking terrorists: Some hijackers trained at U.S. flight school

Airport open — wary, limited

Airlines offer flight facts

S.L. to step up safety effort

Family fears son died at Pentagon

2 LDS members are dead at the Pentagon

Nation’s stock trading to resume Monday; bond trading resumes after two-day shutdown

Officials believe White House, Air Force One were terrorist targets

Man vowed to wife he’d ‘do something’

Not just Americans died in terror attacks

Congress moving quickly to OK funds

Financial markets gearing up for work

NATO allies say terrorist attacks in U.S. can be attack on alliance

No structural damage at One Liberty Plaza

In fits and starts, a nation tries to start daily life again in a strange new world

Afghans await U.S. retaliation; Arabs living in Kabul flee

Australia strikes out at Muslim population

Training of Games volunteers to go on as scheduled

Capitol is to stay open during Games

Logistical obstacles limit Bush’s options

Grief strikes deep all over world

Ceremony at Buckingham Palace salutes U.S. victims

Pope says he is praying for the American people

Bush declares Friday day of prayer and remembrance

Memorial services

Cancellation insurance for Games halved in ’99

Tragedy in N.Y. cost Utahn a heart

Plenty of fuel flowing

Sports: Tough calls — deciding whether to play this weekend

‘Boarders say possibility of violence on their minds

Few signs of panic buying here

Focusing on reassurance

Disaster reverberates through entertainment industry

Net chatters citing Nostradamus quote

Sept. 12, 2001

Search for bodies, answers intensifies

Kaysville mother, daughter perish aboard hijacked jet

Most Utahns want the U.S. to declare war

Will economy be victim, too?

Arab-Americans worry about retaliation

Bush vows U.S. will avenge deaths

Boston airport officials defended their security system

Explosions shake Afghanistan capital, U.S. denies involvement

Nation’s intelligence network had no warning of the attacks

Utahns gather in prayer

Extra security is likely at airports

FAA allows flights diverted Tuesday to resume; all other planes remain grounded

Salt Lake flights grounded until further notice

Attacks bring back horror for Pearl Harbor survivors

Life as it was known — gone

‘Lori, it’s me, and I’m alive’

Current events a tough lesson for students

Passengers said final goodbyes by phone

Muslims tired of accusations

Nowhere seems like a safe place anymore

Attacks by hijackers expose flaws in security

Slaughter of the innocents is tactic of zealots as old as humanity itself

What else is there to do but pray

Delay keeps SLOC from harm

Olympics security likely to advance

IOC says the Games will go on — despite U.S. tragedy

Utah travel bookings nearly dry up

Survivors: ‘I’m grateful to be alive’

Business trip becomes rescue effort

Utah sends task force to front lines

LDS Church members safe

Utah clergy plead for calm

Prayer vigils and blood drives scheduled

Looks like holy war, Mideast experts say

Questions and answers: Who’s to blame for attacks?

Terror grips nations around globe

U.N. employees leave Afghanistan

Bin Laden praises attackers, denies role

Attacks set off grieving overseas

America watched N.Y. tragedy — live

List of tenants in World Trade Center towers

Newspaper headlines from around the world

Foreign attacks on U.S. soil rare in nation’s history

Congress reconvenes to show unity after attack; ‘America will not be defeated’

Allies consider strong show of support for the United States in wake of terrorist attacks

Traffic flow nearly normal at Hill AFB

Security gets new scrutiny

Financial companys unsure of employees’ fates

Security firms expecting surge

Consumers line up for gasoline amid fears supplies will be disrupted

Sports world at standstill

Cougars practice, await word

Ute player gets good news by cell

Aggies postpone events

Game secondary in wake of attacks

Commentary: Play soon or wrong side wins

Europe delays soccer matches

Sept. 11, 2001

Jetliners smash into Trade Center

Plane slams into Pentagon

Victims of hijacked flight used cell phones to call for help, to loved ones

A nation in shock

Friends and family mourn pilots who died in terrorist crashes

Casualties expected to reach thousands in New York

More than 300 firefighters missing in WTC disaster

Terrorist blame scares Utah Muslims

Want to help? Here are some contact numbers

Worst Games scenario is now worse

‘Oh my, no,’ says Hansen in D.C.

Federal facilities in Utah heighten alert

States take precautions against attack

Horrified world sees terror unfold

‘It’s still surreal’ — survivors tell their stories of escaping the World Trade Center

Utahns in N.Y. describe chaos, horror

Attacks horrify officials in Utah

Interview with Sen. Orrin Hatch

After the attacks, chaos in trying to find relatives

4 planes crash, 2 each American, United

United jet crashes in Pennsylvania; passenger reported hijacking in cell phone call

Air traffic halted after terrorist attack, travelers stranded

Air passengers in S.L. grounded

World airlines divert, cancel flights because of terror attacks in United States

SEC closes U.S. financial markets Tuesday, Wednesday

Twin Towers’ steel and concrete construction couldn’t have sustained the hit

SLOC cancels N.Y. torch event

Now Utahns fearful about 2002

‘Unreal . . . it’s not supposed to happen in America’

Prayer meeting at held BYU

Terrorist attacks in past decade



NORAD keeping eye on interior U.S. skies

Chaotic scene of devastation unfolds on national television

Disaster forces postponement of New York City mayoral primary

Terrorist attacks force entertainment shutdown

U.S. telecom networks stressed, but operating

Net traffic slows, news sites jammed following attacks