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Build sealed cockpits

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What a tragedy, to think that men could use our great air-travel network as an instrument against our beliefs and hopes as Americans.

My question is, why do we allow the opportunity of such events to exist? It is my belief that aircraft have a terrible design flaw in how the cockpits are built. The engineers need to allow the pilots a completely static flying environment with no allowable forced entrance by passengers or crew.

This means building planes with a sealed cockpit; no door in the back of the cockpit, as a 12-year-old could break these doors down. But from now on, a separate door on the side of the plane for pilots to enter.

The back "wall" of the cockpit should be made of a bullet-proof material. These materials are not very costly, as Oster is now making blenders with pitchers made of these materials for $115.

With these new designs, hijacking a plane from the passenger area would be impossible. The hijackers would have to find their way into the cockpit at the airport and take control while the plane is grounded, giving law enforcement great opportunity to regain control of the plane, and terrorism like we saw Tuesday would not happen.

Tijs Limburg

Salt Lake City