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Avoid racist mentality

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Communities and groups from all backgrounds have united to heal the wounds of America. But other than the physical wounds, there are still a lot of social wounds being ignored. Seeing a few Palestinians celebrate over this tragedy is very upsetting; I lobbied for Palestinian human rights on Capitol Hill last summer.

My question is, "Why didn't the media report on the Palestinians who placed flowers and lit candles at the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem?" Obviously, they don't represent the masses; well, neither do those dancing in the street.

Nonetheless, seeing others celebrate during times of tragedy is disturbing. Even more disturbing is how some Americans are reacting. Many have degraded into a racist paranoid mentality; American-Arabs and Muslims are experiencing their own Kristallnacht across the country, and reports of harassment and assault are coming in.

Fortunately, our national leaders have called for calmness and patience in labeling who is responsible. For those who did plan and execute this cowardly act upon America, they are against the very idea that makes America what it is: all men are created equal; we don't judge by the color of one's skin but by the content of their character.

For those who continue to verbally and physically assault American-Arabs and Muslims, you are only giving legitimacy to the cause and death of the hijackers. America, we are better than that.

Bart Gatrell

Salt Lake City