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S. Jordan to discuss conflicts

Council to mull a proposal on official conduct

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SOUTH JORDAN — When a government official faces citizens with a conflict of interest, some City Council members say it's time officials became just citizens.

Councilmen Russell Sanderson and Brad Marlor will lead a discussion Wednesday about whether to create a resolution that dictates how elected officials handle conflicts of interest during public meetings.

"I don't want the citizens out there to feel like I can change things to benefit myself personally," Sanderson said.

"We've had problems in the past," Marlor said.

Earlier this year, Mayor Dix McMullin was sharply criticized by City Council members for his involvement in the rezoning process of land along Redwood Road. McMullin owns land in that area. He declared a conflict at the time but was accused of leading group efforts to influence public opinion on the rezoning. McMullin denied any such involvement.

But the problems have not gone away, Marlor said, and the city attorney may begin after Wednesday to look into the state's policy on conflicts of interest.

"It's not just (McMullin), personally," Marlor insisted.

The council may vote Wednesday night on whether to pursue a resolution that would require an elected official to physically step down from his or her seat during meetings and approach a separate microphone, facing the council as just a citizen.

"If I had a conflict of interest and if I stayed up there giving instructions as a member of the council, it's like telling a developer that I want things certain ways and maybe they would personally benefit me," Sanderson said.

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