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Guns on planes? Insane!

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In the Readers Forum of Sept.16, a well-meaning Mr. Mark Faux suggests that it is time to demand our Second Amendment rights to carry firearms for the purpose of self defense. He further states that "had just one person on those airplanes that were hijacked been carrying a weapon for self defense, thousands of lives would have been saved."

Unfortunately we will never know whether a person or persons carrying a gun could have saved any lives in this instance. But the idea of allowing firearms in the cabin of an airplane, other than authorized law enforcement officers, is flawed and insane. Once we allow a "pistol-packing patriot" through the metal detector with a firearm, what kind of detector does he go through to convince and guarantee airport personnel that the real intent for the weapon is honorable?

We just don't need guns on commercial airliners, plain and simple.

R.C. Orme

West Jordan