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Local births

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Leena and Scott, West Bountiful, girl, Sept. 4.

CRIST, Jami and Scott, Layton, girl, Sept. 4.

DURRANT, Shanna and Wesley, Tooele, girl, Sept. 4.

HILL, Melinda and Albert, Lehi, girl, Sept. 4.

JENSEN, Lori and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 4.

JOHNSON, Jacqueline and Johnny, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 3.

JOHNSON, Janice and Christopher, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

MEANS, Connie and William, Sandy, girl, Sept. 4.

MOYES, Janet and Michael, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 4.

MURDOCK, Adrianne and Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

NICOLAYSEN, Melissa and John, Sandy, boy, Sept. 3.

PAUL, Teresa and Denis, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 4.

QUINTANA, Hannah and Jack, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

SESSIONS, Kimberly and David, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 4.

THAYNE-TURNER, Laurie, and TURNER, Christian, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 3.

WARNOCK, Ashley, and MAYNARD, Ken, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 4.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ALLEN, Marcelle Hansen and Brian Bennett, Layton, girl, Sept. 6.

ALVARADO, Analleli, and HERNANDEZ, Andres, Ogden, girl, Sept. 6.

ARGENZIANO, Tina and Stefano, Ogden, girl, Sept. 5.

ASHTON, Brooke and Cody, Ogden, boy, Sept. 6.

BATEMAN, Gaylene and William, Morgan, girl, Sept. 5.

CAMPBELL, Katie and Daniel, Layton, boy, Sept. 8.

COOK, Shayla and Tyler, Layton, girl, Sept. 2.

GARCIA, Kristin and Jeremy, Ogden, girl, Sept. 9.

HARROP, Elizabeth and Scott, Layton, girl, Sept. 6.

KNIGHT, Jennie and Michael, Layton, girl, Sept. 8.

LEWIS, Tauna and Shaun, Plain City, boy, Sept. 8.

LOUHINEJADIAN, Sarah, Ogden, girl, Sept. 8.

MAUGHAN, Kelani and Kelly, Ogden, boy, Sept. 8.

NAEGLE, Camille, Kaysville, girl, Sept. 8.

NELSON, Emily and Paul, Ogden, boy, Sept. 9.

PRICE, Andrea and Mathew, Logan, girl, Sept. 9.

SANCHEZ, Ana Yanira and Juan Francisco, Roy, boy, Sept. 7.

TAYLOR, Emmily and Gail, Clinton, boy, Sept. 9.

TAYLOR, Michelle and Jared, Layton, girl, Sept. 8.

THOREN, Christine and Brad, Rock Springs, Wyo., girl, Sept. 7.

Orem Community Hospital-

BELL, Elizabeth Jean and Bryan Scott, Orem, boy, Aug. 19.

BOOTS, Christy Kay and Dennis James, Orem, boy, Aug. 20.

CARDON, Rebecca Kay and Jeffrey Quinn, Orem, girl, Aug. 23.

CLAY, Amy Louise and Phillip E., American Fork, boy, Aug. 23.

DAINES, Julienne Victoria and David Marc, Highland, girl, Aug.22,

EVANS, Jodi Marie and Isaac Edward, Provo, girl, Aug. 17.

HANSEN, Laurelyn and Jeffrey Thomas, Orem, girl, Aug. 17.

HARRIS, Kristen and David Benjamin, Orem, girl, Aug. 17.

HEDMAN, Tisa Lin and Mark Reed, South Jordan, girl, Aug. 21.

HIGGINS, Lisa Marie and Bryce Kurt, Payson, boy, Aug. 21.

HOER, Christina May, Orem, girl, Aug. 18.

JEFFERY, Aurie Ann and Daniel James, Provo, boy, Aug. 18.

JENKINS, Amme Beth and Scott Carlton, Provo, boy, Aug. 20.

JUDD, Vona Marie and Robert Earl, Payson, boy, Aug. 22.

LEWIS, Jeanine and Richard Walker, Mapleton, boy, Aug. 21.

LUCERO, Katherine Sue and Martin Manuel, Provo, girl, Aug. 20.

LYON, Amanda Marie and Travis Scott, Provo, girl, Aug. 18.

MALAN, Wendy Jean and Paul Daniel, Springville, boy, Aug. 24.

McCAFFERY, Amanda Renee, girl, Aug. 20.

RODRIGUEZ, Rocio Cortez and Rodrigo, Provo, boy, Aug. 20.

SANDGREN, Melissa Jan and Ian Martin, Provo, boy, Aug. 17.

SCHAERRER, Kjarstena Marie and MaCade G., Pleasant Grove, girl, Aug. 20.

SEIPERT, Chalise Trey and Mark Andrew, Lehi, boy, Aug. 23.

SHEPHERD, Tiana Elizabeth and Brian Reed, Provo, girl, Aug. 20.

SLOTHOWER, Tawny Jean and Kalani Lee, Orem, boy, Aug. 25.

SMITH, Stephanie Kay and David James, Elko, Nevada, girl, Aug. 25.

SMITH, Suzanne and S. Michael, Eagle Mountain, girl, Aug. 17.

UTYKANSKI, Susan Marie, Cedar Hills, boy, Aug. 17.

WILLIAMS, Dixie and Brandon Richard, Orem, girl, Aug. 20.

WINN, Leslie and Jason Mark, Payson, girl, Aug. 23.

WRIGHT, Rochell Jean, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 22.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

CRUZ, Maria B. and Miguel F., Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4.

DEZEEUW, Yasminda R. and K.C. John, Dugway, boy, Sept. 7.

GONZALES, Cheryl and Michael, Magna, girl, Sept. 6.

LONG, Jennifer, and CULBERT, Brian, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 4.

MALONE, Melissa, and RAPP, Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 3.

McARTHUR, Stephanie and Chase, Magna, girl, Sept. 8.

MIRELES, Mandy and Guillermo, Taylorsville, girl, Sept. 4.

NEELEY, Stephanie, and WOUNDENBERG, Justin, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 5.

NIELSEN, Diane, West Valley City, boy, Sept. 4.

PACKARD, Rebekah, and BAKER, Bryce, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 4.

SIGALA, Gisa and Pavio, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 6.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ANDERSON, Courtney Lyn and Randy Lee, Draper, boy, Aug. 22.

BRANNON, Sheree June and Kavin Rudolf, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 17.

DURRANT, Annelyse and James Lee, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 30.

GEVING, Lindsay Mae, and POWERS, Randall, Murray, girl, Aug. 30.

GRAY, Tamara Ann and William Richard, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 18.

KINIKINI, Marie and Leilini William, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 17.

MORTENSEN, Lara and Marion K., Tooele, girl, Aug. 30.

PETERSEN, Holly Rene abd Blaine L., Tooele, girl, Aug. 30.

TUIA, Julie Fetuli and Pasia Po'a Dagazin, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 30.

ROBINSON, Cassandra Pearl, and VALDEZ, Salvador, Taylorsville, boy, Aug. 30.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital-

BAKE, Rebecca Lynn and Kyle Glen, Orem, boy, Aug. 24.

BURCH, Kerrianne and Douglas James, Provo, girl, Aug. 21.

BURR, Celeste Marie Dustan Tyler, Santaquin, boy, Aug. 23.

COOK, Tanya LaDawn and Alan Dave, Provo, boy, Aug. 26.

DEAN, Maria Cecilia and James Alexander, Orem, girl, Aug. 26.

EKINS, Christy Ann and Rod Bryan, Lake Shore, boy, Aug. 31.

EWELL, Brenda and Thomas Beckstrom, Payson, boy, Aug. 28.

GEAR, Lisa Kate and Ryan Bradley, American Fork, girl, Aug. 28.

HIGGINSON, Heidi Leigh and Brad Jeffery, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 30.

HOLBROOK, Debra and Landes Robert, Pleasant Grove, girl, Aug. 25.

HONE, Katherine Camille and David Stokes, Provo, girl, Aug. 30.

JOHNSON, Amy and Blair Charles, Orem, boy, Aug. 22.

KELLING, Lisa Dianne and Sven Warren, Orem, girl, Aug. 30.

JUAN, Raffaella and Aldo, Provo, boy, Aug. 22.

KENNEY, Shanna Dee and Jared Lewis, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 20.

KEONE Tiffany Anne and Robert Michael, Provo, girl, Aug. 21.

LACEY, Teresa Nicole and Daniel Keith, Lehi, girl, Aug. 29.

LOTA, Louise Marie, Elk Grove, girl, Aug. 23.

MURRAY, Corina Irene and Matthew Scott, Highland, boy, Aug. 22.

OWENS, Danielle and Joseph Alan, American Fork, boy, Aug. 27.

RICHARDSON, Ammie Nichole and Paul Eugene, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 21.

ROGERS, Barbra Lynnette, St. Louis, Missouri, girl, Aug. 28.

SAGUIBO, Susan Marie and Walter Sagisi, Provo, boy, Aug. 21.

SAWYER, Deborah Helen and Rolan Stratton Sr., Orem, girl, Aug. 24.

THAYN, Alicia and Trent Paul, Lehi, girl, Aug. 23.

TILLARY, Hollie Suzanne and Anthony Richard, Pleasant Grove, girl, Aug. 23.

WESTOVER, Katee and Paul Aaron, Provo, girl, Aug. 20.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BRANDON, Amy and Steven Howard, Springville, boy, Aug. 28.

BRIAN, Katherine Susanne and Kam Hale, Provo, girl, Aug. 28.

COLE, Darci Lee and John Walton IV, Pleasant Grove, girl, Aug. 28.

CUEVAS, Patricia Rosario, Provo, girl, Sept. 1.

DASTRUP, Racquel and Derrick Kent, Eagle Mountain, boy, Sept. 1.

HUNT, Lisa Michelle and Joshua Fetzer, Draper, girl, Sept. 1.

HEINER, Susan Elizabeth and Benjamin Allen, Eagle Mountain, girl, Aug. 28.

HELCO, Katie Jean and Kevin B., Lindon, twins, girl and boy, Aug. 28.

HOFFMAN, Melanie Dean and Gilbert Samuel Jr., Provo, twins, two boys, Aug. 27.

HUNT, Lisa Michelle and Joshua Fetzer, Draper, girl, Sept. 1.

JIBSON, Barbara and Stephen Troy, Provo, girl, Aug. 27.

JIMENEZ, Nancy and Victor Manuel, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 27.

KARR, Martha Elizabeth and Shawn Ryan, Orem, boy, Aug. 28.

McHOES, Audra Joy and Thomas Edward, Springville, girl, Aug. 28.

MILDENSTEIN, Rebeccah Jean and Jared Everett, Provo, boy, Aug. 28.

MILLER, Candida Renee and Brandon James, Provo, girl, Aug. 28.

OLSEN, Candace J. and Stanley Craig, Provo, boy, Aug. 27.

PIGGOTT, Kristin and Bryan Kenneth, Provo, girl, Aug. 27.

RICHINS, Kellie Anne and Mark Alan, Orem, boy, Aug. 28.

SAMPSON, Kerry Lynn and Solomon D., Provo, twins, two boys, Aug. 28.

THOMPSON, Alisha Eliza and Brent Douglas, Orem, girl, Aug. 28.

WILLIAMS, Karen Patricia and Peter Brett, Provo, boy, Aug. 27.