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Not all Afghans enemies

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In the coming weeks and months I have little doubt that our country will find and punish those responsible for the recent terrorist attacks. It is possible that we will remove the government that supported and gave refuge to these terrorists from power. At this time it seems that our attacks will be against the Taliban, which rules much of Afghanistan.

While the Taliban will be our target, the people of Afghanistan are not our enemies, and we need to make sure that they realize this. A decade of war against the Soviet Union, followed by years of warring internal factions, has caused incredible suffering in their country. More war will worsen the situation and certainly fuel anti-American sentiment.

After any military operation we need to be mature enough as a country to help rebuild Afghanistan in a culturally sensitive manner. I hope that through an effort that will echo our charity in post-war Germany and Japan, we can avert an unending cycle of violence.

John Harrison

Salt Lake City