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Dancing policy clarified

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Much misunderstanding seems to have arisen from our proposal to lift the time restriction on dancing in Salt Lake City. Although many of our Olympic guests will no doubt be surprised that, by governmental decree, music and dancing must end at 2 a.m., we are not attempting this change solely for the sake of our Olympic visitors.

We are proposing, for a one-year test period, lifting the time restriction on music and dancing because:

1. So long as other laws are not violated, government has no business telling adults how late they can dance or listen to music;

2. Those who consume alcoholic beverages (with last call at 1 a.m.) should not be forced to leave at 2 a.m. if they are inclined to continue "dancing it off" beyond that time; and

3. If young adults are dancing at a local establishment, with security and police coverage, we should not create the conditions, with unnecessary time restrictions, for them to drive during the early morning hours to all-night raves, where there is often no police coverage and where after-hours alcohol consumption and drug usage are far more likely.

By providing a safe and regulated alternative for dancing after 2 a.m., we can reduce drug abuse and save the lives of innocent citizens on our city streets.

Mayor Ross C. Anderson

Salt Lake City