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Layton residents, businesses unite to help landslide victims

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LAYTON — Layton businesses and residents have joined forces to help the families who lost their homes to a Layton landslide.

First National Bank of Layton has established an account for people and businesses to donate money to the families who have lost their homes or had their homes relocated.

Because homeowners insurance doesn't cover landslides, the three families whose homes were demolished, and the two families whose homes were relocated, have had to assume the monetary loss.

The bank's program, called "Care a $100. Thanks a Million," asks for individuals to give up to $100 to the fund. Businesses are challenged to give more.

"None of us know when or if we would be in a similar circumstance. If many do something, the burden won't be as great," said Steve Handy, First National Bank's vice president of marketing and a Layton City Council member.

The houses in a small development above Kays Creek in east Layton have been slowly sinking into the ground all summer. A crack in the hillside above the homes was first noticed in June and has been growing steadily since.

Since then, homes have sunk as deep as three feet into the ground, causing the city to condemn them and demolish them. Two other homes have been moved.

Geologists and city officials don't know what's causing the landslide. Damages have been estimated at close to $1 million.