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Wash tennis shoes sans bleach

Dear Heloise: I have trouble keeping my daughter's canvas tennis shoes looking white. I have heard not to use bleach due to the rubber soles. — Ginny Bodine, Ferris, Texas

You heard right — you really shouldn't use chlorine bleach on canvas-type tennis shoes, but here's a suggested cleaning method:

If there are any tough stains, pre-treat with a pre-wash spray or use a whitewall cleaner that's typically used on car tires. Then, wash with a load of white clothes or alone and use the correct amount of a color-safe bleach with your detergent. Let dry naturally — don't put them in the dryer. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I have tried everything I know to eliminate mothball odor from clothing. I need help. — Sally Rogers, Lubbock, Texas

Air is what the clothes need, and lots of it! You can hang them outside to use Mother Nature or put in the dryer on "fluff" or "air" only. Give it a try, and please let me know how it turns out. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I found that putting quarters in the small chocolate-candy tube is just perfect. It is easier than putting them in a film-roll canister because you can fit more in, and it's slender, so the quarters fit in better.

Whenever you put the quarters in the tube, the quarters fall right into place, and if they don't, all you have to do is shake the tube a little.

If you're a person who wraps change, you could mark the line so you will know when you have collected $10 worth of quarters and then wrap them. Even if you don't wrap change, it's a good place to keep your quarters. — R.M., Pennsylvania

Dear Heloise: Our Pegboard in the garage is always getting disorganized by rehanging the rakes, shovels, tools, brooms, etc., in the wrong place, and it becomes a mess.

One day, after my husband organized it perfectly, he got the bright idea to take of picture of it, and he hung the picture right next to the Pegboard. Now we know where everything belongs by just looking at the picture.

Isn't he wonderful? — P.H., Kokomo, Ind.

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