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Rock on . . .

Stone Cold anger

Stone Cold Steve Austin is mad.

And not just Smackdown mad.

He has sworn to personally avenge last week's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington — which marks a couple of firsts in sports history:

(1) A wrestler's threats actually sound serious, and (2) they even seem reasonable.

No whining

BYU remains hopeful it will still play Mississippi State this year. But even as the Cougars attempt to reschedule that game, they're considering dropping others.

They reportedly looked into deleting Southern Cal from the 2003 schedule. That's because they already have games against Georgia Tech, Stanford and Notre Dame.

The Cougars have already withdrawn on an agreement to play Louisiana State in 2002 and 2004.

Fair enough. They're free to play anyone they want.

Just as long as they don't complain if they get snubbed by the BCS.

Bottom feeding

Speaking of the Cougars, I'm still wondering if this is all a mirage.

Their three victims so far (Tulane, Nevada, Cal) have an 0-7 combined record. Not counting the lopsided losses to BYU, they have been outscored 164-68.

If you include the BYU scores, it looks something like a Social Security number.

For the sake of clarity, please, bring on Mississippi State.


He may not seem that way to outsiders, but Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is actually a good person.

Word got out last week that the dot-com billionaire had donated $1 million to the World Trade Center relief fund.

That's good to know on two counts.

First, his money is going to a great cause.

Second, for once he didn't overpay for something.

Bad egg

Experts say the country needs to get back to its routine, and Boston's Carl Everett has taken that to heart. The combustible outfielder arrived late for a workout this week.

When manager Joe Kerrigan ordered him to leave, he berated his boss and eventually ended up getting suspended.

Do you ever get the impression this guy is one egg short of an omelette?

Peer group

The Indiana Pacers waived 40-year-old Sam Perkins this week.

The league's oldest player last year, Perkins has played 17 seasons in the NBA.

I figure the Jazz will sign him any day.

It'll give Stockton and Malone someone to watch "Golden Girls" with.

On the squad

Guess you heard about the Michael Jordan false alarm.

His named popped up this week on the Wizards' Web site player roster. The NBA says it was a "clerical error . . . making preparations in case he comes back."

Hey, that sounds a lot like the site that lists Greg Ostertag on the Jazz roster!

You know. In case he shows up.

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