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Pass Bush’s energy bill

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Now, more than ever, it is vitally important to pass the Bush energy bill. Many OPEC nations are the same countries listed as confirmed sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, Iraq and Libya. Two of the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center were from the United Arab Emirates, another member of OPEC. Even our allies in Saudia Arabia have been recently accused of helping finance Osama bin Laden.

As we become engaged in a protracted war on terrorism, we may be forced to take action against the very nations that supply us with the oil that fuels our lives. What will we do if we still cannot tap the oil under our very feet and OPEC decides to decrease our oil supply or cut us off altogether, in the middle of a war?

As we are now searching for our own national vulnerabilities so that we may correct them, our dependence on foreign oil must top that list.

Pass the Bush energy bill now, so that the same countries that sponsor terrorism cannot do further damage to the United States by draining our nations's lifeblood when we need it most.

Adam Baker

West Jordan