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GOP can’t hide tyranny

SHARE GOP can’t hide tyranny

In their efforts to draw new boundaries for the Utah Legislature and Utah's congressional districts, the Republicans try to mask what they are doing with words that make their efforts sound, if not high-minded, at least acceptable.

Words, however, cannot hide the fact that what they are doing amounts to tyranny. They are trying to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with them.

A healthy democracy needs many viewpoints, and it needs opposition. Surely Utahns of all parties can understand that. It's time for all people — Republicans, Democrats and everyone else — to let the Legislature know that what they are doing is not acceptable.

It's time for the Democrats to put up a fight. Organize loud but peaceful street demonstrations. Prepare for lawsuits. Something must be done to preserve what little democracy we have in this state.

People of all parties and religions must stand up for freedom. Just because someone is part of the majority doesn't mean they should stand by and watch others disenfranchised. If you allow that to happen, the day will probably come when you realize that if we're not all allowed to participate in government, none of us can be truly free.

Those of you who say "majority rules" need to realize that much of the frustration and anger felt by ethnic and religious minorities in this state come from the fact that their voices are almost always ignored.

Sure, the majority decides most things, but trampling the rights and ignoring the voices of minorities (including Democrats) does not serve the long-term interests of anyone.

In the name of freedom, justice and harmony, speak out now.

Jeff Laver

Salt Lake City