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Your voice: Reaction to President Bush’s speech

SHARE Your voice: Reaction to President Bush’s speech

"What did you think of President Bush's speech to the American public last night?"

"(Bush) was a little hasty in some of the stuff he's saying. I thought he sounded like a leader. I can't really see it being a huge long war, I think he's probably preparing us for the worst." — Sam Willis, Salt Lake City

"I was impressed with (Bush) compared to what I've thought of him before. His delivery was amazing. I found it quite frightening what he was saying, but I think it had to be said." — Greg Ward, England

"My initial reaction was that it was quite ambitious, especially creating an ultimatum. It was good that he made a distinction between the Muslim population and those performing the terrorist acts. It was a good step, a necessary step." — Alex Pederson, Salt Lake City

"I thought (his speech) was very strong. It wasn't just about America, it was about everybody. It was aimed at the world. He said exactly what people wanted to hear. He said all the right things." — Craig Utian, Salt Lake City

"(Bush) has a very good speaking manner. I voted for Al Gore and I think he would have been less hawkish. Before this happened, (Bush) did some things that aggravated this." — Michael Ann McCarroll, Salt Lake City

"It was cool about how he said we need to continue on with American life and pray for our fellow Americans. He's been doing a really good job as president in our time of need." — Christina Williams, Salt Lake City

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