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Kmart is not to blame

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I would like to ask you where personal responsibility comes into play in this world anymore. True, when the man, who bought a gun at Kmart, killed himself, it was a tragedy, but this young man had other choices. No one but him pulled that trigger. He could have stayed on his medications, he could have gone in to see his counselor, he could have signed a contract with his parents that he would talk to them 24 hours before to doing something so drastic, he could have gone to his clergy, but, instead, he chose to end his life.

At age 19, I imagine this young man held a valid Utah drivers license. If he had killed himself by deliberately hitting an overpass support beam, would the parents have sued the maker of the automobile, the state of Utah for issuing the drivers license and the construction company that placed the support beams in the road to support the overpass?

This is truly a tragedy, but let's put responsibility where it belongs, and that is not Kmart.

Larry Jewkes

Salt Lake City