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N.Y. Muslims back action against Taliban

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NEW YORK (AP) — An imam at the city's largest Afghan mosque on Friday gave a fiery sermon against terrorism to followers who chanted "Death to the Taliban."

Hundreds of worshippers, many in traditional garb, then marched several blocks to a police precinct, some carrying American flags and others placards reading "Bin Laden out of Afghanistan" and "Terrorism is against Islam."

Many said they favor U.S. military action in their homeland.

"We hope America will make our country free," said Zabi Rustami, 40, a wholesale food salesman who fled Afghanistan more than a decade ago. "I'm worried for my family there, but you have to sacrifice something."

The mosque, which had an American flag posted on one of its front windows, lost one of its own in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

Photos of Salman Hamdani, an emergency medical technician who is missing and presumed dead, hung in the mosque's stairwell under a prayer written in Arabic and English: "Oh Allah I am asking your grace."