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Flashlight extension among 19 patents

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Nineteen patents were awarded to Utah inventors on Aug. 28. U.S. patents are granted each Tuesday.

New patents include:

System for isotropically measuring fluid movement in three dimensions. Patrick L. McLaughlin, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Mountain High E&S, Redmond, Ore. Filed Aug. 24, 1999. Patent No. 6,279,393.

Variable flow and pressure ventilation system. Peter Richardson, Sandy; Jeffrey L. Orth and J. Bert Bunnell, both of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Bunnell Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 4, 1998. Patent No. 6,279,574.

Nail guide mechanism for a nail gun. Mark E. Larsen, Spanish Fork. Filed July 27, 1999. Patent No. 6,279,808.

Folding mechanism with kick-out tab for folding chair. Tom Atkins and Dale Spendlove, both of Orem. Assigned to Mity-Lite Inc., Orem. Filed Oct. 22, 1999. Patent No. 6,279,991.

Flexible flashlight extension. Phillip Brandt Bird, Park City; Albert Chen, Irvine, Calif. Assigned to Nordic Technologies Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 13, 1999. Patent No. 6,280,050.

Treadmill with adjustable cushioning members. William T. Dalebout and Daniel L. Odell, both of Logan. Assigned to Icon Health & Fitness Inc., Logan. Filed Nov. 10, 1999, a divisional of application No. 09/160,947, filed Sept. 25, 1998. Patent No. 6,280,362.

Reaccessible medical needle safety devices and methods. F. Mark Ferguson, Salt Lake City; Mark Nelson, Sandy; David L. Thorne, Kaysville; Gale Thorne Jr., Bountiful. Assigned to Specialized Health Products, Bountiful. Filed Nov. 4, 1999. Patent No. 6,280,420.

Spine distraction implant and method. James F. Zucherman and Ken Y. Hsu, both of San Francisco; T Wade Fallin, Hyde Park, Cache County; Henry A. Klyce, Piedmont, Calif. Assigned to St. Francis Technologies Inc., Concord, Calif. Filed Feb. 18, 2000, a divisional of Patent No. 6,149,652, filed July 27, 1999, which is a divisional of Patent no. 6,074,390, filed Feb. 5, 1998, which is a divisional of Patent No. 5,836,948, filed Jan. 2, 1997. Patent No. 6,280,444.

dnaE. Earl May, Wayne, Pa.; Stephanie Van Horn, Pottstown, Pa.; Patrick V. Warren, Coatsville, Pa.; Richard L. Warren, Grantsville; Assigned to SmithKline Beecham Corp., Philadelphia. Filed Aug. 31, 1999. Patent No. 6,280,990.

Apparatus and method of recharging a handheld computing device using solar power. Mark D. Price, Salt Lake City. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Rolling Meadows, Ill. Filed April 4, 2000. Patent No. 6,281,425.

Coaxial radio frequency test probe. James E. Frey, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Lockheed Martin Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed July 19, 1996. Patent No. 6,281,690.

System for curing polymeric materials, such as those used in dentistry, and for tailoring the post-cure properties of polymeric materials through the use of light source power modulation. Calvin D. Ostler and Kevin D. Ostler, both of Riverton; David W. Kaufman, Salt Lake City. Assigned to LaserMed Inc., West Jordan. Filed April 27, 1998, claiming priority to provisional patent application No. 60/045,140, filed April 30, 1997. Patent No. 6,282,013.

Data cartridge marker for foreign object detection. Fred C. Thomas III, Ogden. Assigned to Iomega Corp., Roy. Filed Feb. 21, 2000, a continuation of Patent No. 6,067,214, filed April 13, 1998, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 6,097,562, filed Sept. 15, 1997, and Patent No. 5,986,838, filed April 3, 1997, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 5,638,228, filed Feb. 14, 1995. Patent No. 6,282,060.

Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling the bias current in a receiver in response to the transmitter power. Dirk Ostermiller, Salt Lake City; Sy Prestwich, West Jordan. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed March 4, 1998. Patent No. 6,282,177.

X-ray tube and method of manufacture. Don Warburton, Sandy. Assigned to Varian Medical Systems Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. Filed Nov. 10, 1999. Patent No. 6,282,262.

Method and system for accessing multimedia data in an interactive format having reporting capabilities. Chet D. Linton, Sandy. Filed Sept. 22, 1999. Patent No. 6,282,404.

Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment. Vincent S. Darago, Manasquan, N.J.; Christopher Jenkins, Springville. Assigned to Community Learning and Information Network, Washington. Filed April 19, 2000, a division of application No. 09/272,221, filed March 18, 1999, which claims priority to provisional patent application No. 60/079,302, filed March 25, 1998. Patent No. 6,282,573.

Method in an operating system, a method and system for supporting multiple hardware devices from a single communications port. Jeffrey Charles Bullough, South Jordan. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed Oct. 28, 1998. Patent No. 6,282,586.

The ornamental design for a CD-ROM medium. Douglas A. Myers, Provo. Filed Oct. 28, 1999. Design Patent No. D447,146.

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