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Redistricting is not fair

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I join in the call for a constitutional amendment to have congressional and legislative redistricting performed by an independent commission. Elected legislators are too self-interested to accomplish the task fairly.

It seems that the primary concerns of legislators are political power and job protection for incumbents. The examples are numerous; I will cite only what legislators have done to Tooele County.

Tooele County, with a population of 41,000, is the eighth largest and one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Yet, the proposed senate redistricting splits the county into three separate districts that will likely leave it with no resident state senator.

Tooele City itself is divided into two different districts, with one half represented by an incumbent from Brigham City and the other half represented by an incumbent from Moroni.

By splitting the county and its largest city, legislators have virtually ensured that Tooele County will have no voice in the state senate for the next 10 years.

Legislators have proven that they cannot be trusted with the important task of reapportionment. After mouthing all the correct principles and going through the motions of public input, they end by succumbing to the inherent conflict of interest to save their own seats. Our only recourse is to take the responsibility from them and place it in the hands of an independent commission.

Merrill Nelson