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Nation needs deity’s help

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In the aftermath of Tuesday's tragedy, it was amazing to see the response of the American people. We all wept for the families of those taken. People freely prayed and ask for God's help. A surge of patriotism as has not been seen in this country for a long time, began to swell. People of all faiths were united. Flags were flown everywhere, while the mighty strains of "God Bless America" rang out across the land.

It is pretty obvious that most Americans believe in God and in our country. Then how did we allow a small group of atheists to take away the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer in our schools and public meetings, and how can we restore them? We need God's help more than at any time in our history. Our children need to be taught faith in their country and in God and the moral values that our country was founded on. How can we keep the feelings we have had this last week?

Charmayne Kasparian