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New worry on N-waste

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In light of recent events, I am alarmed by a Sept. 20 Associated Press article in the New York Times about a suspected terrorist arrested Wednesday night by police and FBI agents outside Chicago for questioning in the ongoing terrorism investigation. The man holds a commercial driver's license and is certified to transport hazardous materials, including nuclear waste.

This has potentially devastating implications for the safety and security of transporting hazardous waste across the country and should give all Americans pause, particularly Utahns. We already have radioactive waste being transported to the state by Envirocare of Utah. Private Fuel Storage wants to transport 40,000 tons of the nation's highest level nuclear waste across the nation to the Skull Valley Goshute Indian Reservation.

I remember attending public hearings where concerns about potential terrorist attacks were dismissed. No one's laughing now.

Mary Dickson

Salt Lake City