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New alliance offers hope

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We've heard much about terrorist cells, those small groups whose power is rooted in hatred and ignorance, but cells founded on charity, understanding and compassion are far more powerful in the long run.

One group with great potential is the recently organized Alliance for Unity, (Deseret News, Sept.18) consisting of Utah business, political and religious leaders whose goal is to help us "better understand and befriend one another." What is so encouraging is that by working toward understanding of our own diverse population, we will gain empathy for others' opinions, concerns and problems, and this newly found empathy will not stop at Utah borders. Once it becomes a part of us, we can only pass it on to others.

We cannot kid ourselves that it will be an easy road to follow. It will take much effort and hard work to change long-held opinions of others different from ourselves, but we must take that first courageous step toward understanding.

The Alliance for Unity may prove to be that powerful tool to help us understand not only Utahns but people of many lands. It may be a powerful ally in combating the forces of hatred and ignorance as its influence reaches well beyond our state.

Christina Gully